What to Bring to Huatulco – Packing List

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As you prepare for your holiday, it is very important that you carefully consider what to bring to Huatulco. Your packing list has the potential to make or break your stay in Mexico. Sometimes it is the most obvious things that are the easiest to forget. The following is a list that we have compiled that should help you get a good start on what to put in your suitcase:

What to Bring to Huatulco


While this might seem obvious in the list of what to bring to Huatulco, any airline can tell you that they have seen countless examples of people forgetting their passports in the excitement of going on a holiday.

Electronics Accessories

Don’t forget your chargers, cameras, and any other electronic devices you cannot live without. If you are from Canada or the USA, do not worry about a converter; Huatulco has the same type of outlets. You might want to consider downloading the Google Translate app for your phone. It could help you in a situation where there is nobody around that speaks English.

Sunscreen & ointment for sunburn

If you are going for a hot holiday, there is a good chance your skin is not used to the direct sunlight. Be sure to bring sunscreen & ointment for your skin. They should be a must on your packing list. You may want to also consider going to a salon to get a tan before you come. That way you can avoid the unnecessary pain of a sunburn.


Another obvious thing to bring, but easy to forget if you are coming in the dead of winter.


It is a good idea to bring two. If you like to spend a lot of time on the beach, it is good to have a backup.

Sandles, flipflops or beach shoes

Protect your feet. You don’t want to spoil your holiday by cutting open your foot on a seashell or some careless litter.

Snorkeling equipment

Many of the beaches in the area have people that rent this equipment, but if you prefer not to use the same equipment as countless others, it is a good idea to bring your own.

Mesh or nylon bag

This is hand both for the beach and for shopping. Mesh can often be the best because it allows wet items to breath & dry.

Hiking clothes & accessories

There are many tours & excursions available in Huatulco. Some of the Best Huatulco Tours are out of the way and require hiking clothes. Though it is always warm in this Southern part of Mexico, it is smart to bring pants & a long-sleeved shirt just in case you need them for sun protection or an excursion.

Pesos or USD

Other denominations are accepted in some places, but pesos & USD are the standard. Be sure to have some smaller bills or change on hand for tips as you go about your day.

A good book to read

As much as it is nice to sit on the beach & explore, sometimes you just need to curl up & read a book. If books are not your thing, bring some other form of basic entertainment to fill in the void moments.


Headaches happen, and stomachs do not always like the change in eating habits. Make sure your packing list includes Tylenol/Advil, Pepto Bismol, and any other medications you may need. It could make a world of difference in how much you enjoy your stay.