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  • Swimming Below the Waterfalls
    Swimming Below the Waterfalls
  • Magic Waterfalls
    Magic Waterfalls
  • Dining Enjoyment on the Tour
    Dining Enjoyment on the Tour
  • Mud Masks
    Mud Masks
  • Alfonso at the Waterfalls
    Alfonso at the Waterfalls
  • The Beauty of Nature
    The Beauty of Nature
  • Clear Water in Nature
    Clear Water in Nature
  • The Best Huatulco Tour Guide
    The Best Huatulco Tour Guide
  • Cascadas Magicas
    Cascadas Magicas
  • Emerald Falls
    Emerald Falls
  • Huatulco Waterfalls Tour
    Huatulco Waterfalls Tour
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    Swimming Hole
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    Lifting the Rock
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    Crystal Clear Water
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    Enjoy the Hike
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    Descending the Mountain
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    Group Photo
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    Breathtaking View
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    Nature Hike
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    Nature at Its Finest
  • Best Huatulco Tours
    Best Huatulco Tours

Cascadas Magicas Waterfalls Excursion

Your visit to Huatulco will not be complete without the waterfalls excursion.

Cascadas Magicas roughly translates to Magical Waterfalls, and that is how many describe their experience there.

This magical waterfalls experience is the result of the Copalitilla river travelling down a couple of miles of steep mountains. Trees, flowers & other vegetation surround the area, giving it a tropical atmosphere that one would expect in some of the best movie sets.

The tour follows a foot trail along the river, which brings you past several large cascades. The best, and most scenic part of the waterfalls excursion, is toward the end, or about a 10-15 minute walk away. Make sure you have your swim shorts. Swinging ropes hanging from tropical trees allow you to make a big splash in the nicely pooled water. There are also caves with water flowing, that you can wade through. One cave even goes right behind the waterfalls.

Once you have had your fill of swimming & adventure, make sure you have some extra pesos to grab a meal at the restaurant, which offers numerous local dishes for an authentic taste of Mexico.

All in all, this is one of the best Huatulco Tours available. It incorporates swimming, nature, wildlife, and local foods. If you are spending time in Huatulco, you do not want to miss the Cascadas Magicas experience.

Optional Zip Line

If adventure is what you are seeking, your Huatulco Waterfalls Tour will not be complete without the optional zip line trip. Soar above the trees and take in the breathtaking scenery as you glide through the Huatulco wilderness. This excursion option does cost an extra $20 USD, though, so make sure you have some extra cash with you.

Huatulco Waterfalls Tour

Huatulco Waterfalls Tour

This Huatulco Waterfalls Tour combines nature, adventure & eco-tourism. It helps support the local economy, and lets you experience Huatulco in it’s rawest form. Book today, and you will not be disappointed!

How long is the tour: Generally 6 hours
Pickup: Wherever you are staying
$65 USD – Water and lunch included in the price
Ask about better rates if you have a large group

10% of every purchase will be donated to help local community needs

Email now to book your tour with Alfonso

      Took a trip to Magic Falls and it was a wonderful day. Alphonso was very knowledgeable about the area as he grew up there. He showed us so much but what I enjoyed was how he shared his life and how the people work and...More

    thumb Ingrid T

      Alfonso provides a unique perspective of a unique area. This tour is properly named, as you experience three completely unique and different areas in a matter of hours. The climate and fauna change rapidly as the tour progresses. Perfect experience with a perfect guide.

    thumb Milesfromu77

      Alfonso is a fantastic tour guide. He picked us up on time and drove us up the curvy mountain road to the waterfalls. Along the way he informed us of many things! The stops along the way were fascinating as well. We learned so much!...More

    thumb Erika H

      We've visited the Huatulco area twice and after the tour to the town of Pluma Hidalgo to experience the history and sights of this coffee producing region, we sought Alfonso out again the next year see the turtles at La Escobilla. We were extremely fortunate...More

    thumb KeithD000